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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are The Maids Insured and Bonded?

The Maids are fully insured and bonded using insurance which is among the best available. Our insurance coverage includes your home, and our team members, and a certificate of insurance is available upon request. If you are comparing The Maids to other maid services, be sure to request specific details about insurance coverage. Unlike The Maids, many independent contractors and services do not carry workman's compensation insurance.


How Does The Maids Ensure the Security of My House Keys?

If you provide us with a house key, it is only identified by a number, without a name or address, and is stored in a locked vault which only managers can access. Managers issue keys to team leaders on the day of cleanings, and at the end of the day team leaders return the keys, and they are secured again. Every day managers do a complete key inventory. In the unlikely event that a key is lost, a manager will contact the affected customer to make appropriate arrangements.

Do I Need to Be Home When The Maids Clean?

It's up to you - some customers would rather provide a key we can store in our office. Others hide keys in secure locations for each visit, but this is not a secure method, and we do not recommend it. You can turn off your alarm system, or you can provide The Maids with entry codes. The method clients most often prefer is for The Maids to have keys and alarm codes.

How Many House Cleaning Professionals Will The Maids Send to My House?

Generally, The Maids sends you a team of four specialists, including a team leader and assistant team leader. We have found that four-person teams have been the most efficient, because each cleaning professional can focus on a specific task. Occasionally one team member may be unavailable, but rest assured that your team will always include a team leader, and your home will be held to the same high standard. 


Will The Maids Always Send the Same Team to My Home?

We try to send the same cleaning professionals to the same houses. However, circumstances beyond our control (such as illness, holidays, and bad weather) sometimes necessitate a substitution of teams. Customers who receive infrequent cleanings (such as every third or forth week) are more likely to have different teams due to scheduling difficulties. However, every team has the same training, uses the same cleaning regimen, and has access to your home’s service records. So, no matter what, you will receive the same high quality service. We stand behind our guarantee!


Are Professional House Cleaning Teams Trained and Supervised?

Each team member is thoroughly trained before he or she enters your house. Training is an ongoing process since team members are always learning about new products and cleaning methods. Team leaders supervise team members to ensure that all tasks are completed correctly. In addition, our field manager does periodic quality assurance visits to our clients’ homes to ensure that our cleans are kept to our high standards.


How Do I Make Payments for House Cleaning Services? 

All payments are due at time of service and we accept personal check, cash, Visa, American Express or MasterCard. However, we do need a credit card in order to reserve your date on the schedule. For regularly scheduled visits, most clients use a credit card for their form of payment, which is processed same or next business day.


How Much Will it Cost to Clean My House?

Fees vary according to the size and condition of your house. Call (703) 212-0100 or fill out the estimate form on the bottom of this page for a free, no-obligation quote.


What Geographic Areas Does The Maids Serve?

We serve parts of the Washington metropolitan area. These areas include zip codes in Alexandria, Arlington, Washington D.C. and parts of Prince William County. Please contact our office if you have any questions about whether we provide service in your area.

Is My Personal Information Confidential?

Absolutely! Read below about our privacy policy. 


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a primary concern to us at The Maids. Our goal in expanding and clarifying our policy on the collection, and use of customer information is to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality.

When you provide your personal information to The Maids, that information will not be sold, distributed, used, or given to any other company or individual for use in marketing or solicitation. We will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, and it will be used only to support your customer relationship with The Maids. 

Additionally, any information gathered via a "cookie", will not be shown, sold, distributed, used, or given to any other company or individual for their use. The cookies which we employ are used to gather browser and access statistical information only, and is kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please contact us.